If you are considering having a Property Condition Assessment done or are looking for a new firm to complete your  

          assessments please email us and we will send you a sample report with other information.  If you want to see our

Statement of Qualifications, the ASTM E-2018 Standards, Inspection Agreement, and other information, you may go to www.independentpropertyinspection.com and download this information.  Thank You.

​Our Guaranteed Pledge To Our Client's

As a Client of Independent Property Inspection Consultants we offer all of our Clients the following assurance's and guarantee's as our pledge of service.

Professional Property Inspection Services & Condition Assessments

​Independent Property Inspection Consultants - Pittsburgh PA

1.   We will represent your interests only to the best of our ability in matters regarding your assessment, inspection, or contract work.

2.   You have our assurance that we have no interest in the subject property, either legal, financial, or other and their are no conflicts.

3.   You have our assurance that we will provide you with the best possible service and we will be truthful to you in our opinions of the property to the best of our ability.

4.   You have our assurance that any repairs or work recommended as a result of the assessment or inspection IS NOT recommended because we have an interests in making the repairs or improvements.  Independent Property Inspection Consultants is not a contractor and does not perform any repair work on client properties.

5.   You have our assurance that we represent no repair or contracting firm and that any repairs or improvements recommended WILL NOT be passed on to ANY contractor who will later attempt to sell you their services.

6.   You have our assurance that we will provide you our client with an unbiased opinion of the property's condition.

7.   You have our guarantee that any person or firm who recommendeds our service to you IS NOT materially or financially compensated for any recommendation.  Independent Property Inspections does not provide material or financial compensation to any firm without prior disclosure to all the parties.  We only accept compensation from one party in any transaction, our client.  

8.   You have our assurance that we are an independent inspection firm.  We do not solicit real estate agencies or clients for their endorsement or for the purpose of inclusion on any list of recommended inspectors.  Any such inclusion by any real estate agency or client while appreciated is by that firms independent selection process.  Our reputation is established by our service and any referrals.

​9.   You have our assurance that if after we have completed our service to you and you need additional information or assistance from Independent Property Inspections such assistance is free (with limitations) up to one year from the date of your project completion.

10.  You have our guarantee if for some reason you need expert witness testimony about the subject property that testimony is provided free of charge in any legal proceeding in the county where the property is located.  This service is free of charge from one year from the date of inspection.  This assurance does not include the preparation of any reports required for litigation purposes.

​11.  You have our assurance that we will keep you informed of all pertinent communications with other third parties regarding the subject property after the initial inspection.  We will not disclose information about the property resulting from the inspection or assessment without the approval of the client or their representative.