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ASTM Property Condition Assessments ​Questions and Answers

Q.  What is a ASTM E-2018 Property Condition Assessment (PCA) and report?

      A ASTM E-2018 PCA is a standard established for the purpose of defining a baseline property condition assessment of the improvements on a parcel of ground.  It is in reference to commercial real estate in the United States.  It is completed by performing a visual walk through survey and conducting research as outlined in the ASTM Guidelines adopted by the American Society For Testing and Materials.  A commercial building inspection is similar as it covers many of the same components but is not conducted to the ASTM 2018 Guideline Standards.

Q.  Does Ronald C.  Bachner and Independent Property Inspection Consultants perform ASTM Property Condition Assessments?

     Yes. You can request a sample assessment report by clicking on "Contact" and requesting a FREE Sample Report.

Q.  What does the ASTM Property Condition Assessment cover?

      In short, the PCA includes a visual review of the site, grounds, individual components, life safety and fire protection systems, vertical transportation systems, and utility systems.  It includes storm water drainage, access and egress matters, flat work, landscaping, sanitary system, foundation, building frame, facades, curtain wall, exterior walls, fenestration, parapets, roof, mechanical systems, plumbing systems, electrical system, interior systems, paving and parking, ADA features, opinions of costs, repair estimates, remaining life expectancy, etc.