Ronald Bachner, Project Mgr.

Our Expert Team

Owner and Manager

Professional Property Inspection Services & Condition Assessments

With more than 30 years of experience our clients an ourselves often need additional information from our experts.  If we determine that more information is needed on your project we have experts to call upon.  These experts include engineers, architects, contractors, skilled trades people, legal, abstract firms, and other professionals.

All PCA's are completed by Ronald C. Bachner for Independent Property Inspections or as a sub contractor for other national and local clients.  Ronald C. Bachner is an approved contractor for the National Engineering and Environmental Due Diligence Association. 

The owner Ronald C. Bachner is a certified inspector with the International Code Council, a nationally recognized building code organization.  He is a former certified Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Inspector and Code Official as well as an Environmental Technician.  Mr. Bachner has completed multiple types of inspection ranging from home inspections, commercial inspections, draw inspections, property condition assessments, new construction, MEP Inspections, and more.  He has attended LaSalle University and Excelsior College, the PA Construction Code Academy, numerous training classes, and held numerous certifications as indicated on his ASTM Qualification Statement.

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